Butchery at Walsingham Farms Shop Partnership shop A wide selection o fwine available at the Walsingham Farms shop, North Norfolk Locally grown vegetables and produce in North Norfolk special flavoured olive oils and juices available from teh deli counter fresh, ripe, tomatos, celery, peppers and more, all in season wonderful pies on the premises with our own Norfolk meat wide range of spices available award winning sauces, pickles and jams organic tomato juice, vegetable and beetroot juice local, norfolk vegetables, fresh and sold loose

We are Walsingham Farms Shop Partnership of North Norfolk. We have two great farm shops and two lovely restaurants where you can enjoy our excellent, locally sourced food.



Walsingham Farm Shop, Butchery, Deli and much more

Walsingham Farm Shop

From Butchery to Deli counter, our beautiful converted barn is brimming with the best from local farmers, cheesemakers, millers, brewers and more.

Walsingham Farm Shop, Butchery, Deli and much more

Norfolk Riddle

In picturesque Little Walsingham our Norfolk Riddle Restaurant menu is packed with a great choice of seasonal, local delights.

Walsingham Farm Shop, Butchery, Deli and much more

Heacham Farm Shop

Choose from the fabulous range of quality fresh produce and foods from our finest producers: enjoy the essence of eating and living well in Norfolk.

Walsingham Farm Shop, Butchery, Deli and much more

Lavender Kitchen

Surrounded by lavender fields, our Lavender Kitchen at Heacham is a relaxed café-restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and the best cream teas!

Walsingham Farms Shop pies, hand made on the premises using meat from our own farms. Norfolk cattle Norfolk lamb enjoying the sunshine